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      2. 中文版 English歡迎光臨Binzhou Bao Xiang Chemical Co., Ltd.網站!
        Binzhou Bao Xiang Chemical Co., Ltd.
        熱門關鍵詞:硫氫化鈉 甲硫醇鈉 硫化鈉 鹽酸羥胺 片堿 粒堿


        Binzhou Baoxiang Chemical Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is located at No. 666, East Outer Ring Road, Binzhou City. The office address is located on the third floor of Building 6, Huizhong Building, Bincheng District. It is a large comprehensive industrial company integrating research and development, production, domestic and foreign trade, and professional transportation of dangerous chemicals. The company is close to Zibo, Tianjin, Hebei, Jinan, and the sea, land and air transportation is very convenient. Our employees have a strong sense of …

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        Binzhou Bao Xiang Chemical Co., Ltd.

        Fax:0543/2199855 0543/3511467
        Mobile:15698030901 18954346550
        Address:Shandong city of Binzhou Province East Ring Road No. 666

        Copyright | Binzhou Bao Xiang Chemical Co., Ltd.
        Contact: 15698030901 President Yang

        address:Shandong city of Binzhou Province East Ring Road No. 666 [Lu ICP] Technical:qishangdongli

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